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Regulatory liability and fines

Cover for the costs associated with responding to a regulatory investigation (such as GDPR) arising out of a privacy event. This may include legal advice, notification costs, defence of regulatory action etc. The accompanying fines will be covered to the extent they are insurable by law.

The inability of a business to operate as a result of a cyber incident can be ruinous. The business interruption cover under a cyber policy helps to alleviate this effect by covering the loss of income and extra expense as a result of a security failure.

Cyber extortion has grown to be one of the most prolific type of attacks on businesses. A cyber insurance policy will cover the costs and expenses associated with an extortion event (e.g. Ransomware).

Many businesses are driven by the data that they hold. A cyber policy can cover the recreation or restoration of electronic data following a cyber incident.

Cover for claims from a third-party alleging infringement, libel, slander, copyright etc. resulting from online content disseminated by a company.

A policy will provide cover for any litigation arising from a cyber incident whereby confidential information has been disclosed or someone has gained unauthorised access resulting in a breach.

The way in which an organisation responds to a cyber event is critical in helping to ease and mitigate the potential implications. A cyber policy will include a variety of post incident services aimed at helping to steer a business through the crisis seeking to minimise damage to the balance sheet, consumers, and reputation.

These services may include:
Notification services, legal services, crisis management, PR, credit monitoring, forensic consultants.