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All businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to operate, as well as holding onto ever more sensitive data. This increases the risk of suffering from a data breach, being the victim of cyber crime, and other data liability claims. In all cases, this can disrupt your business, lead to lost revenue, a damaged reputation and regulatory fines. Putting it right will cost time and money.

Our online product has been developed to provide the support you need in a time of crisis, providing your business with comprehensive assistance following data breaches and cyber attacks.

Cyber Insurance for UK businesses:

  • Worldwide cover for data breaches and cyber attacks
  • Broad and affordable cover
  • Comes with 24/7 breach response
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Summary of the online product offering:

Access to a 24/7 incident response team

The policy gives you access to an incident manager who will connect you to the appropriate cyber response experts – IT forensic, PR, legal, regulator / data subject notification, call centre and credit monitoring costs. They will help you through the incident, seeking to minimise damage to your organisation.

Broad, Transparent, Affordable

New Dawn’s cyber insurance provides worldwide cover for a broad range of risks. Our easy-to-understand language enables companies to make an informed decision. The product has been designed with low premiums, no hidden charges and free cancellation.

Reduces risk

Cyber insurance is a key component of an effective risk management strategy. By having this insurance in place, you are safeguarding your business in the event of a crisis. Companies that meet our standards for cyber security will be rewarded with a discount.